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Investigative journalists in Africa often operate in environments which seem by default designed to shut them down. Repressive media laws, lack of resources and a widespread culture of secrecy are but a few of the challenges facing journalists questioning the conduct of those in power.

With these Investigative Journalism Manuals, we make the necessary skills and tools available to investigative journalists currently practicing their craft, and to the many that will hopefully follow their trailblazing path. Crucially, its content has been produced by African journalists, and the case studies used reflect the continent’s reality.

The IJM is work in progress. While the initial eight chapters mark the foundation of the project, additional specialized sections are in the pipeline. Therefore, we would like to encourage users to give us feedback and suggestions in order to improve the manuals.

It is our hope that African journalists will make use of what the manuals has to offer, and that the results of their work will strengthen existing democratic institutions where they exist, or serve as a catalyst to establish democratic structures where there are none.

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